Council Playgrounds


What we do

We love designing council playgrounds and creating safe and creative spaces that help children develop while having fun,  More..


Council playgrounds face a unique set of challenges.  While safety is very important, a good design will have a fine balance that mitigates risk while including enough elements that allow children to develop and take "safe risks".

Materials, surfaces and theme also need to be carefully chosen to match the environment and location; whether it's a colourful playground that stands out, or one that blends in with natural and sustainable timbers,

Techniques and Features

Common techniques and features for council playgrounds include:

  • Softfall mulching
  • Safe fall rubber surfacing
  • Play equipment
  • Exercise features (for kids and adults)
  • Seating areas
  • Water features
  • Fencing and guard rails
  • Rock features
  • Hard landscaping (decks and timber features)


Some playgrounds we have completed for councils include:

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  • Project 2 Name
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