Landscaping Services


Some landscaping tasks require businesses to be registered as a commercial builder, so it's important to choose a landscaping company that meets these requirements.

Sustainable landscaping is a registered commercial builder (Reg No. CBL60425), allowing us to perform these works.  

These tasks include earthworks & excavation, installation of footings & slabs and structural landscaping elements (including driveways, walkways, ramps, ponds, pergolas, retaining walls and more).

Poured Limestone/Limestone Look Paving

Poured limestone paving is suitable for both internal and external use, commonly used for driveways, patios, pool surrounds and pool copings. It is extremely durable with a wide range of colours available, and feels cool even in direct sunlight.

The limestone is poured (similar to concrete) and hand crafted to meet your requirements.  At Sustainable Landscaping we have developed our own Limestone Look paving which is cost effective and competitive.

Garden Edging

Garden edging will divide gardens, tree surrounds, paving, instant and synthetic turf, around water tanks and other landscape features.

We can work with a wide variety of garden edging types including steel edging, concrete edging and paved edging.

Excavation and Drainage

We have a wide range of experience in bulk and detailed excavations, with access to all of the necessary equipment for both small and large projects.

Civil contracts have been awarded to us recently and we have the equipment to carry out smaller civil projects like carparks, commercial site cuts, batters, rock beaching and sporting fields.

Pool Surrounds

We can highlight your pool or spa with creative landscaping that incorporates retaining walls, paved areas, pool coping, plants and pool fences.

Our pool area designs create a place that everyone will want to use for relaxing and entertainment.


Decking is a great way to extend your living area or commercial operating space.  It provides a natural softer appearance that is attractive, cost effective and durable.

We work with a wide range of decking materials, and provide a high quality finish.

Plant Selection

Choosing the right plants is a core aspect of sustainable landscaping.  We choose the right plan for your environment, maintenance requirements, and aesthetic.

We have a wide range experience of choosing the right plant for the right job.

Concreting and Paving

Traditional paving is a great way to create a variety of patterns, colours and textures for your landscaping projects.

With a wide range of pavers in many sizes and colours, it is a great solution for covering up that functional area.

We are able to construct every type of paving system. Flexible paving systems include crushed rock with sand paving, resin bound paving, as well as permeable paving systems for on site water retention like eco tri hex paving. Rigid paving systems include crazy paving, bluestone paving, wet cast concrete paving, and are all installed on a reinforced concrete base .

Sustainable Landscaping is also capable of completing your concrete driveways, patios, footpaths, vehicle crossovers, curb and channel, pedestrian paved areas, sports fields and more. We are able to carry out every type of concreting from coloured concrete to stamped concrete and exposed aggregate concrete.


Irrigation planning and design is an important part of any landscaping project to manage your water supply flow and drainage in an effective manner.

We can design and install automatic irrigation systems from your reticulated water supply or install tanks and pumps to supply the system.

Each irrigation system can consist of drip line irrigation or popup heads to efficiently supply water where it is needed most.

Retaining Walls

We create retaining walls with a variety of materials including concrete sleepers, rocks, logs, concrete block and link block systems, and the traditional sleeper walls with steel uprights.  

Retaining walls can be both functional and attractive and we strive to produce the best option for our client.  Our walls are always built in respect to the building code or specific engineering requirements.

Water Features

Water features are a great way to improve the attractiveness of your landscape.  We can create low lying water features, ponds, fountains and tall wall based waterfalls.

Your pool surrounds can also be integrated with a water features that matches the colour scheme and style of the area.

Turf and Synthetic turf

Turf is a great option to help create a usable space.  High quality materials are available and are great for childcare facilities, schools, playgrounds, resorts and even residential lawns.

We are capable of installing synthetic or instant lawn to any application you have from a simple backyard to a sporting field.

Plant Layout

Designing the correct layout is just as important as choosing the right variety of plants.  

We will plan a layout for your plants that suits your landscaping project and makes the most effective use of each plant.